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In the beginning there was a choice of being all things to all people. We could have gone down the usual route, dealing with Local Authorities, Magistrates Courts, Customs & Excise, the Inland Revenue etc to recover their unpaid taxes and fines; as well as operating in the commercial market.

At Dawkins we decided we would rather be Specialists than General Practitioners - and it has paid off. Specialisation makes for excellence. We act exclusively for property owners, their agents, lawyers and advisors. As a result we will focus in on your needs because we understand what they are about. We know, for example that many of our clients have constraints placed upon them by their funders - failure to perform on their part diminishes their status - not to mention their ability to negotiate improved terms for the next acquisition. We know too that rents collected in full and on time have a positive effect on the investment value of the property and therefore its attractiveness in the market.

All this constitutes an increased awareness on our part of the real needs of Landlords and their Agents, allowing us to act accordingly.

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